Friday, 25 February 2011

Inserting Eyelets: a tutorial.

I never inserted an eyelet before; so I thought to search online for a good tutorial.
I didn't find one I was completely happy with, so after some trial and error I found out how to insert eyelets and decided to make a tutorial myself.
I bought this packet of eyelets from Prym.

They come with some "how to's" at the back, looking simple to do; but it doesn't work out that way; especially with thick layers of fabric.
The eyelet has two parts: a flat part (1) and one with a - sort of - colar (2) .
I started with marking the inside of the eyelet on my fabric.
 Then, I punched a hole , with my Prym "Vario pliers",
It is much easier now to start cutting a larger opening.
This may be a bit scaring, but go slowly and nibble away small pieces until your hole is slightly smaller than the eyelet .
Insert your eyelet part 2, through the hole. The fabric should stretch over it.
Then, you need the tools from the packet and a hammer!

Hammer firmly but carefully and your done!
Here is the inserted eyelet!
Just let me know if something is not clear enough for you.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Inserting a twist lock

I am working on a bag  project.
I will tell you more about that later.
Now, I just wanted to share a nice tutorial on inserting a twist lock.
I found it on the "you sew, girl" blog from Nicole Mallalieu.
Here is the link.
You get this result:

The twist lock button is easy to insert.
The twist lock front plate is  more difficult. 
You have to cut very carefully and be patient to get a smooth cut edge.
The tutorial is clear and easy to follow.
It now belongs to my star tutorials.

Friday, 11 February 2011

A hooded baby towel

My cleaning lady 's daughter had a baby 2 weeks ago; Mauro.
I made him a warm and soft hooded towel, using a tutorial from the Purl Bee blog.
It is a very easy project.
You can find it here .
I used  this  lovely Liberty fabric  

My babies are big boys now.
They would probably refuse to use this towel.
Anyway; I loved making it.
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