Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Making a bag... in Japanese

Recently, I found this book at 'Cottonpatch'.
I have no idea what the title means. Perhaps someone can help ?
I was attracted to some of the projects.
Luckily the pictures in the book clearly demonstrate what to do and I am not a novice in bagmaking.
I am planning to try one of the projects.
I will let you know how I get on.
Some pictures:


Saturday, 21 May 2011

A small coin purse : a (late) Mother's day Present

I know; mother's day (8th of May in Belgium) is long gone; but I promised my mother a little present. 
I just couldn't finish it in time.
It has been very hectic here.
My cleaning lady left and I found out it is very difficult to find a GOOD replacement.
So, since 2 months I have to be a supermam: cleaning our big house, working part-time, washing, ironing, weekly food shopping, bringing the children to their music classes after school, playing the clarinet...

You see, there is hardly any time and energy left for sewing and blogging.
But hopefully, next week help will be on its way.
At last , I managed to finish this cute little coin purse.
It could also be used to carry a lipstick and a small mirror.
I used "the zippy wallet" tutorial from Noodlehead, as a base but adapted it a little bit.
I took a smaller zipper: for my fabric piece of 12.5 cm (5") I used a 10 cm zipper . I attached 2 small fabric pieces for the topcorners of the purse like this:
and I always topstitch along the zipper. 
This gives a professional finish.
Have a look:
Here is the final result:

What do you think?
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