Sunday, 24 October 2010

Getta Grip Clips

I found an interesting tool.
I was looking for small bulldog clips to keep thick layers of fabric together. I was a bit wary to use them on delicate fabric. Then I found this:
This is a "Getta grip Clip" invented by Paul Gallo.

This is really a clip that has everything you need: it has grip (I turned my project upside down; the clips stayed where they  were); it doesn´t damage the fabric; it doesn´t leave marks (except on velvet).
The gripping tip has no sharp edges.
These clips are very easy to work with; see how close you can sew?

And.. they have a lovely design.
It can be that they are somewhat heavy to use on fine, delicate fabrics like silk, but of course for those fabrics you don´t need clips.
For small projects they are a bit large, so it would be nice to have a smaller version,

I am really pleased with these clips.
You can get them here.
Warm regards

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