Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter Wishes

A Happy Easter to all of you from Belgium!

 Chocolate Easter bunny at Belgian chocolate maker Neuhaus in Brussels
Did you know that every year , on Easter Sunday,  there is a traditional Easter Egg Hunting in Brussels parks?
Easter bunnies are going to bring 300 000 eggs in over ten parks of Brussels.
Here is a link for more information.
Some pictures from all over the world:
Prague, Wenceslas square
Cooked and coloured eggs on a conveyor belt at the Beham coloured eggs company in Thannhausen, Germany
Easter market in Innsbruck, Austria
A giant fibreglass easter egg called 'Hello Cheeky' by Hattie Stewart, Covent Garden, London
Two nuns sit at a bus stop holding easter eggs in Vatican city
White House Easter Egg Roll.
Russian Easter Eggs
What are your plans for Easter?
Enjoy the weekend
Warm regards
(Photos via lifestyle Yahoo, and monstersandcritics)

Saturday, 23 March 2013

A knitting bible.

Aside from embroidery and sewing, I have always liked knitting.
And now I think I have found the ultimate knitting bible!

Translated it is simply called : "Our knitting book"
Although it is written in Dutch, there are so many clear pictures, that you almost don't need the text.
It is packed with advice, tips and techniques . Many I didn't even know existed.
Part I : stitches, techniques and motives
To start with there is information for "knitting novices": chapters about starting a project (5 different ways are explained!) , basic knitting techniques, adding and decreasing the amount of stitches, finishing a project etc.
Then you can move on to more advanced techniques , knitting with more colours at the same time , circular knitting, more complicated stitches etc.
Part II: 5 chapters full of projects, for your home, hats and scarves, socks, fashion and accessories, projects for babies and children.
This book is beautifully illustrated:
A must have for knitting addicts.
I bought my book here.
You can also find it here.
Warm regards

Sunday, 10 March 2013

A concealed-recessed top edge zip discussion

Two of my blog posts are mentioned by Karen as part of an article in a sewing channel called "Sewing Purses, Totes and Bags"on "Sew Whats New",  a leading web community for sewing and quilting enthusiasts!

I am thrilled!
Here is the link:

It seems that installing a recessed top edge zip in a bag is a difficult task. But, once you know how to do it, it is not difficult at all.
Here are some examples of  a concealed/recessed top edge zip:


Have you tried it?
Warm regards

Saturday, 2 March 2013

An eyeglass case giveaway!

Do you want to grab your chance to win this eyeglass case?

Then you just have to go over to the sweepstakelover blog.
Damla was so kind to offer me the chance for a giveaway through her blog.
Here is the link.
For the duration of the giveaway (14 days) there is also a 5% discount on everything in my zest4colour shop.
Just use Coupon code "SPRINGGIFT5"

Good luck.
Warm regards
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