Sunday, 22 February 2015

Do you fancy a Cinderella shoe?

The story of Cinderella has always been one of my favourite fairy tales.
Now, The Disney studios have made a live-action movie inspired by the classic fairy tale, "Cinderella" It brings to life the timeless images from Disney’s 1950 animated masterpiece .
The Berlin Film festival (5-15th of February) hosted the European premiere of the film . There was an exhibit that gave a look behind the scenes of the production of Cinderella. Here is a link with some pictures.


To celebrate the release of Cinderella, Disney Consumer Products asked nine designer shoe brands to create their idea of the Cinderella’s glass slipper.
Here they are:

 Alexandre Birman
 Charlotte Olympia
 Salvatore Ferragamo
 Jerome C. Rousseau
 Jimmy Choo
 Nicholas Kirkwood
 Paul Andrew
 RenĂ© Caovilla
Stuart Weitzman 

Swarovski, produced Ella’s glass slipper for the film under the direction of Academy Award®-winning costume designer Sandy Powell.

The shoes were displayed at an exhibit at the Berlin Film Festival, and will also be on display in early March at Saks Fifth Avenue’s flagship store in New York City.

They will be available for order in the following retail stores around the world, as well as in some of the designer brands’ own stores.
  • United States – Saks Fifth Avenue (New York and Beverly Hills)
  • London – Harrods
  • Paris – Galeries Lafayette
  • Milan – Excelsior Milano
  • Moscow – Tsum
  • Tokyo − Isetan Shinjuku
  • Dubai – Level Shoe District, The Dubai Mall
And finally, the trailer of the Movie:
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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A straight zippered pouch corner.

I am talking about this:

A few years ago, I bought this toiletry bag at Liberty's in London.


This represents the perfect zippered pouch for me.

At first, when I started sewing bags myself; I got frustrated,  as I could never achieve this perfect, neat result. In the end I got there , but it took time.
If you look around on etsy and type: "zippered pouch" , you will see that a lot of the bags that come up don't have the neat, professional finish I want. I would never buy those bags.
These days, you can find many tutorials for zippered pouches; but there are only a few I am happy with.
The best tutorial I found so far is the pleated make-up bag with covered zip ends  tutorial from Flossie Teacakes.

I wanted to guide you through my version of this zippered pouch and will focus mainly on "the corner".
First, the zipper. I always use a zipper which is a little bit shorter than the lenght of the fabric piece; I don't want to cut or stitch through the actual zipper teeth.


I cut the zip ends down
to have an equal distance between the end of the zipper and the end of the fabrics (1 cm) 
 Here, I already attached the zip end covers.

The "sandwich" of the outer fabric, zipper and lining.

A sewn sandwich from end to end.

The outer fabric and lining are flipped over and lay wrong side to wrong side and are topstitched.

The other half is attached in the same way.
To finish your pouch, OPEN YOUR ZIPPER( or you won't be able to turn your finished pouch inside out), place the outer fabrics so that they are laying right side to right side; do the same with the lining pieces.
"The important thing here is that you don’t want to trap the ends of your zip covers in your stitching, but equally you want to sew near enough to them that there is barely a gap between the zip covers and the side seams on the finished item"

Once turned over, you can't see the zip covers anymore, so I put a needle at their edge. The marking a bit more outwards will be my stitching line.
 A final, very important thing to do is debulking: I generously cut out a triangle (black lines in the above picture) without touching the stitches. This will make it much easier to make your straight corner , once the pouch is turned inside out.
Here is the final result:

Do you have another solution for this pouchy problem? Let me know.
Warm regards

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