Friday, 24 December 2010

Gifts and Wishes

I made some last minute gifts: 
- A pencil case , using the Cosmetic bag tutorial you can find here. I just made a smaller version.

What do you think?

My second gift is a very easy to make "draught dog or snake"? It is probably a hilarious translation of what we call in Dutch: "Tochthond"
It is in fact a stretched cushion cover with a zipper.
Here is a picture:
I put this at the bottom of the door to keep the draught out.
Can someone tell me what its proper English name is ?

It is now Christmas evening; we are enjoying a simple, warm and paeceful time at home.
Outside it is freezing cold but incredibly beautiful. 
I took some pictures in the garden this afternoon.
Have a look:

A merry Christmas to you all.

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