Friday, 25 February 2011

Inserting Eyelets: a tutorial.

I never inserted an eyelet before; so I thought to search online for a good tutorial.
I didn't find one I was completely happy with, so after some trial and error I found out how to insert eyelets and decided to make a tutorial myself.
I bought this packet of eyelets from Prym.

They come with some "how to's" at the back, looking simple to do; but it doesn't work out that way; especially with thick layers of fabric.
The eyelet has two parts: a flat part (1) and one with a - sort of - colar (2) .
I started with marking the inside of the eyelet on my fabric.
 Then, I punched a hole , with my Prym "Vario pliers",
It is much easier now to start cutting a larger opening.
This may be a bit scaring, but go slowly and nibble away small pieces until your hole is slightly smaller than the eyelet .
Insert your eyelet part 2, through the hole. The fabric should stretch over it.
Then, you need the tools from the packet and a hammer!

Hammer firmly but carefully and your done!
Here is the inserted eyelet!
Just let me know if something is not clear enough for you.


  1. I tried to insert the same eyelet into a single layer of fabric, but the eyelet is not going flat. Do you know whether this is normal?

  2. It may be that a single layer of fabric is to thin. You also need to reinforce the fabric at the back, with some strong interfacing.
    Hope this helps.

  3. What if my package didn't come with a back piece? The woman at the fabric store told me I only need the front piece, but I'm thinking that will pull out of a knit fabric over time??? Help!

    1. What do you mean by a back piece?
      You always need 2 parts to complete the eyelet.
      The fabric is pressed between the 2 parts.


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