Sunday, 30 March 2014

Feathers, fashion and art: Birds of paradise.

Last week, an exciting exhibition opened in the fashion museum (MoMu) in Antwerp (20/3 - 24/8/2014):

"This exhibition is a tribute to the elegance and refinement of the application of plumes and feathers in fashion and haute couture. Through a mixture of 19th-, 20th- and 21st-century accessories, garments and couture dresses, the different characteristics of the various plumes and feathers are highlighted: sophistication, femininity, lightness, wealth, luxury".
Some pictures:

Dries Van Noten
 Marlène Dietrich's swan's down coat
Roger Vivier
British artist Kate MccGwire makes sculptures with feathers:

Want to see more?
Have a look Here and here: the MoMu facebook page.
Here is a short video:

"Plume embroidery is typically used in haute couture and evening wear owing to the costliness of the feathers, their elegant form and the technical refinement of feather embroidery. 
The exhibition also covers the craft of the 'Plumassier' and the diverse techniques of feather embroidery."
More about this in my next post.



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