Saturday, 21 August 2010

When Ironing becomes Fun.

I made myself a new  Ironing Board Cover (IBC).
The old one was a shame. Full of water stains and burn marks. I even managed to cut a hole in it with the rotary cutter. So it had to go.
I found a very useful tutorial here; I didn´t use the elastic Susan suggested, but just used the strap from my old IBC again. I think it gives a smoother finish.

As you can see, the bias tape colour is not really matching . But that doesn`t matter; you won´t see this part of the IBC at the end.
Have a look at the result. A totally refreshed Iron Board. I am quite pleased with it.

Some of my clutches. Do you like them?

In my online search I found this IBC tutorial from U-Handbag, also very clear and easy to follow.
You are using the margin from your old cover , which should be intact. Mine wasn´t, so I couldn´t use this tutorial. 

Have fun!

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