Sunday, 15 August 2010

My first post!

Oh no, I hear you thinking; not another blog about sewing!
Don´t worry. I won´t pretend I know everything about sewing, because I don´t.
I just want to share with you some of the treasures I found in my - sometimes desperate - search for information; online as well as in books.
The other reason I´m starting this blog is a bit out of frustration.
I´ll explain.
Several months ago I opened a little online shop ,, till now with little success.
For those of you not familiar with etsy: it is an American based online marketplace, where everything handmade can be sold or bought. Recently a European branch was founded.
Etsy is now a very crowded world, where a lot of people are trying to sell the same thing.
Your shop, a needle in a haystack, is very hard to find. You can spend a lot of money on promoting your stuff; seldom a big success.
Also, when you want to buy an item on etsy, you have to register. Although for free, this stops people from buying.
So through this blog I hope to reach the non-etsy crafting world.


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