Sunday, 13 March 2011

My oversized fashionista Bag - Part 3

Now I was ready to put exterior, lining and flap together.
First, I stitched (right sides together) the flap to the exterior back side, not the part with the twist lock button, like it is explained in step 12 on p.99.

Then, I inserted the exterior bag, (right side out), with flap and small strap loops down, into the lining bag (wrong side out). The pocket of the lining should be at the side of your bag where the flap is attached.
Now , with the 1 cm seam allowance, the earlier 5 mm seam is covered.
I turned the bag right side out through the hole in the lining and topstitched the bag top edge.
You get this:

Do you see the shoulder strap loops? They are strongly fixed between exterior and lining.
Then, following step 15 and my tutorial, I applied the eyelets.
This was the scary bit; with one wrong scissor movement I could destroy the bag. 
I clipped on the shoulder strap and handle and ... finished!
I enjoyed making this bag.


  1. I Love it! I am trying to make it just now. 2 broken needles so far in making the straps. :-(
    Natalie, scotland

  2. I'm going to start this bag soon, but yours looks fabulous! Great job! -Genevieve, California

  3. Great work Kristien! I enjoyed reading your little dilemmas with making the bag, gives a great perspective on how easy it will be to make. I have actually been looking at buying 'the bag making bible' for my mum for her birthday and she is a super hot crafter! I live in Australia and she in the UK atm so wanted to order the book alongside all the materials needed to make the 'oversized fashionista bag' but cannot find a list of the materials anywhere...and chance you could let me know how much material was needed plus what additional things such as eyelets etc that you used? I would love to get a little hamper ready for her! Thanks, Charlotte.

    1. Hello Charlotte,
      Sorry if I kept you waiting. I only received your comment today.
      On P. 96 (column on the left) you can find everything you need.
      I bought my fabric online at
      I hope this answers your question.
      Kind regards

    2. Hello again Charlotte,
      Of course , if you don't have the book, you cannot look at p. 96.
      If you send me a mail ( I can reply with a picture of the page. OK?


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