Saturday, 1 October 2011

Adjusting a clutch

I sold this lovely clutch to a friend:
 She asked me if I could add a chain.
I had designed this clutch to be used as a handheld evening bag.
Adding a chain was a bit tricky but in fact not difficult at all.
I took 2 tiny D-rings and made 2 small, fitting straps; they are only 9 mm wide:

How do you make these straps?
I cut a piece of fabric 6 cm lenght x 3.6 cm wide (4 times the width of the finished strap) and interfaced it for strength.
Fold in half along the length of the strap and then iron . Open and fold both sides inwards to the center crease line. Fold the the strap in half lengthways again and edge stitch along both edges.
You get this:

I undid some stitches at the side corners of the finished bag and sandwiched the strap folded over the D-ring in between the lining and exterior:
Then, I machine stitched along the top edge of the clutch, starting at one side where the flap is attached to the bag; securing the little strap and smoothly edge stitching along the forefront till I reached the other side. I sewed several securing stitches at both ends.

I attached the chain and...

Have a wonderful, warm and sunny weekend.

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