Sunday, 4 March 2012

My Blossom Shoulder Bag - Part 2

In my previous post I already made and attached the brackets to the exterior main panels.Now I continued with the other small parts.
First the handles.

I made them in a slightly different way, because I added some contrast by using the lining fabric on one side of the handle. Instead of cutting 2 handles 11.4 cm wide , I cut 4 handles half this width + seam allowance. I interfaced all of them and fused  S520 to the exterior fabric handles (minus the seam allowance).
Then, I put an exterior fabric handle and a lining fabric handle right sides together, stitched along the long border and turned the 2 pieces over , so that now the wrong sides were facing each other.
I folded the free long edges in and edge stitched along both sides. Ready!
Next, the tie ends; I followed step 6, but edge stitched only 1 side,  it is easier to bend them.
Then, I attached the handles and tie ends to the main panels , following step 9.
Moving on to the tags.
Instead of making open ended straps, like in step 6, I made closed end straps; so I didn't need to fold the tags under (10b)
Some pictures:

I edge stitched them only along the long edge, centered the tags over the stitching that attached handle and ties together and then edge stitched down both short edges, to attach them to the main panels.

Now , I was ready to build the exterior bag , the lining and the flap.
I will tell you more about that in my next post.

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