Saturday, 31 March 2012

My Blossom Shoulder Bag - Part 4

My bag was almost finished now.I just had to make and attach the dividers.
The first divider is easy to make. Just follow step 16a-g.
When stitching the dividerpanels, make sure not to stitch through the Peltex or Vilene S520, to get sharp edges:

I turned the panels right side out and edge stitched the top, starting and stopping exactly at the point where I would edge stitch the sides.
It is difficult to pin both divider panels together, as they are stiff and thick; so I used my getta grip clips and edge stitched both sides and bottom.

My first divider was ready.
Now the second divider:
I bought a 30 cm zipper (30.5 cm is not available) like suggested, but this seemed to small:

Here you see the first finished divider placed on the zipper and the next panel.
The zipper has to be longer than the finished divider.
So I increased the length of the zipper by adding small folded fabric pieces at each end like this:

I then followed steps 16h through 16o:

A finished second divider:

All that was left to do now was attaching the dividers to the inside of the bag, following step 17.
I did the first one by hand, broke a needle, a few threads and ruined my fingers.
It is much easier to bar tack with your sewing machine; turning the wheel back- and forward by hand.
Have a look:

Here are some final pictures.
I am not completely happy with the mauve colour of the dividers. If I ever find the perfect beige, I can easily make new dividers. Just by removing the bar tacks, the dividers can be replaced.

I can now show my bag to the world.

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  1. Thank you for this post. I was dreading the divider step, but you made it seem easier.


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