Friday, 15 February 2013

The importance of colour.

How important is colour for you?
For me it is very important.
Some examples:
- Everytime I step into a room or house with brown curtains and beige walls, I want to turn around and get out.
- Years ago, when we moved into our house, we had ordered a new kitchen.
From the moment it was installed, I knew the colourscheme was wrong. It had some green in it, which didn't fit. I (unhappyily) had to live with it till recently.
- I don't feel happy when wearing brown or purple clothes.

This illustrates the impact  a colour can have on you.

Yesterday I came across this , the psychology of color by Freshome

This article clearly confirms how colour can affect our mood.
It gives advise on how to choose colours for your home.
But the same can apply to choosing the colour for your clothes and accessories.

Colour is so important for brightening up your life.
Don't you think so?
Have a nice weekend

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