Friday, 1 February 2013

The perfect loop or tube turner.

I found the perfect loop turner!
Untill now I used, or better, tried to use the Clover loop turner.
This one:
I found it very difficult to turn a loop, the fabric didn't stay under the clip.
Especially narrow loops are difficult to turn.
Currently I am working on a new project which involves a lot of tube turnings. I will tell you more about it when it's ready.
Recently I saw this tube turner on Utube:
 It has a blunt and a more pointed tip.
Turning loops has never been so easy!
This brilliant tool comes with clear instructions for use:
Here are some real examples: 
I pulled the stitched fabric tube (wrong side out) over the blunt tip of the tool.
Here , the tool is closed, 2 tips together. 

 I have pulled the fabric tube over to the other side.
This tool is also ideal for forming perfect corners without puncturing the fabric, by using the pointed tip.
I did an online search and bought mine here.
It is also available in this  online shop.
Have a nice weekend

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