Saturday, 23 March 2013

A knitting bible.

Aside from embroidery and sewing, I have always liked knitting.
And now I think I have found the ultimate knitting bible!

Translated it is simply called : "Our knitting book"
Although it is written in Dutch, there are so many clear pictures, that you almost don't need the text.
It is packed with advice, tips and techniques . Many I didn't even know existed.
Part I : stitches, techniques and motives
To start with there is information for "knitting novices": chapters about starting a project (5 different ways are explained!) , basic knitting techniques, adding and decreasing the amount of stitches, finishing a project etc.
Then you can move on to more advanced techniques , knitting with more colours at the same time , circular knitting, more complicated stitches etc.
Part II: 5 chapters full of projects, for your home, hats and scarves, socks, fashion and accessories, projects for babies and children.
This book is beautifully illustrated:
A must have for knitting addicts.
I bought my book here.
You can also find it here.
Warm regards

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