Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter Wishes

A Happy Easter to all of you from Belgium!

 Chocolate Easter bunny at Belgian chocolate maker Neuhaus in Brussels
Did you know that every year , on Easter Sunday,  there is a traditional Easter Egg Hunting in Brussels parks?
Easter bunnies are going to bring 300 000 eggs in over ten parks of Brussels.
Here is a link for more information.
Some pictures from all over the world:
Prague, Wenceslas square
Cooked and coloured eggs on a conveyor belt at the Beham coloured eggs company in Thannhausen, Germany
Easter market in Innsbruck, Austria
A giant fibreglass easter egg called 'Hello Cheeky' by Hattie Stewart, Covent Garden, London
Two nuns sit at a bus stop holding easter eggs in Vatican city
White House Easter Egg Roll.
Russian Easter Eggs
What are your plans for Easter?
Enjoy the weekend
Warm regards
(Photos via lifestyle Yahoo, and monstersandcritics)

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