Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Perfect Small budget friendly Christmas gift.

I am already thinking about Christmas; only two months away!
What I love most about it is the preparation and search for the perfect gifts.
But having to buy many presents with a tight budget can be quite a challenge.
That is why I wanted to show you some of my "Under 20 Euro" gifts in my Zest 4 colour shop.

1. First of all: something new! A Bag or Purse Hook.
I can no longer live without it.
It is the perfect, practical, yet elegant accessory for any woman.
Just unroll the hanger, hook it on the side of a table and hang your bag to keep it away from the ground.

For each hook I have carefully chosen and cut a small piece of Liberty Tana Lawn fabric, wellknown for its delicate and exquisite patterns.
The fabric is securely locked by a glass dome, which magnifies the pattern.

Some pictures:

There are many more to come in the shop.
2. My pencil cases; roomy with a practical unique zipper pull and easy to clean.
Some examples:
3. Small coin purses.
Here is the first of my smaller framed coin purses.
For the lining I used a cotton fabric instead of laminated cotton, which makes it less expensive.

Want to see more? Just go over to my zest4colour shop.
And of course I can Always make something specially for you.
Simply let me know what you would like at
Have a lovely weekend.



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