Saturday, 6 August 2011

An expensive mannequin

Two weeks ago, during our brief stay in Switzerland, I fell in love with this mannequin in an antique shop.
It is a vintage mannequin, but newly decoupaged with magazine pictures.The price:..... more than 1800 Swiss Francs!!! (> 1650€; > 2350 $; > 1450 £)
The Lady shopkeeper said it was so expensive because of all the work it took to make her look like this.
I thought this was way over the top and far to expensive. I was a bit sad  to have to leave this girl behind.
But it made me realise we shouldn't underestimate the value of our quality handmade work and charge appropiately for the materials we use and the time we spend in constructing our work of art.

"The handmade marketplace" by Karin Chapin (I bought it here) is a useful little book with lots of advice about selling your crafts. 
She uses the 2.5 formula to determine the retail price of your work:
multiply the basic costs (materials, shipping envelop, postage...) with 2.5 and consider that your retail price.

Meanwhile , I am looking out for another mannequin friend.
Enjoy your weekend.

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