Sunday, 14 August 2011

My Great Getaway Bag - Part 2

My bag lining was ready.
Now, I moved on to the small parts: handle loops, adjustable strap, zip pulls, zip ends, pocket tab and pocket tab loop.

I bought ready-made sew-on bag handles.
The zip pulls.
Making the handle loops: I followed the steps on p. 103 but adjusted the fabric folds so that the width of my strap fitted exactly in the rectangular ring.
Using my zipper foot, I could stitch closely to the ring. 
I am going to attach these handles to the exterior in a different way than suggested. I will explain later. 
You can see that my handle loop seems to be longer than the one in Lisa's book on p. 115. Why is this so?
A 36 x 14 cm fabric was cut for the handle loops, pocket tab and pocket tab loop; 2x10 cm of these 36 cm was used for the handle loops. I folded these fabric pieces in half lenghtways (= the 14 cm side) as advised on p. 103. I think you should fold them short sides together. It becomes clear when you have to cut the remaining fabric pieces: a 10 cm piece for the exterior pocket tab (in fig.c on p. 116 you can actually see that the fabric hasn't been folded lenghtways)
For the pocket tab loop you only have a 6x14 cm piece left, which is to small when folded lenghtways.
Once folded and stitched, I assembled pocket tab, pocket tab loop and a ring. I just pinned the free end of the pocket tab, folded over the ring . I will finish this later, to make sure that the position of the 2 parts of the magnetic snap will match completely.
Then, I stitched the zip ends to the zip. I started with matching up the raw edges of the zip end, with the short end of the zip.
I ruined 3 needles...
I realised (when aligning zipper and zip top panels) the zip ends would hardly be seen. So, I moved them up, away from the short end of the zip.
The last small part was the adjustable strap. I made a closed-end strap . I added 2 extra rows of stitches lenghtways; this further reinforces the strap . 
Here is a close-up of the strap with slider already in place. The extra stitches are clearly visible.

Now I was ready to make the bag exterior.
Have a nice weekend.

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